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Eating Out In Auckland : Auckland City has many fine restaurants

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Sign up for the mail order catalogue of the New Zealand Nature Shop and take home some possum/merino wool fashion wear, rainforest toiletries, or greenstone and paua jewellery. Don’t feel squeamish about buying NZ possum fur; these introduced animals are laying waste to our beautiful forests and competing with our endangered birds for food. Buying NZ possum fur products helps us deal with this pest.

Make your souvenir of your holiday in New Zealand be a gift of support to New Zealand wildlife.  Donations to any of these wildlife organizations will help:

NZ Native Forests Restoration Trust (Inc)   – help restore NZs native forests, habitat for native birds, plants and insects. In the US this is called “rewilding”, in Britain it is done by the Wilderness Foundation.” Forest restoration represents the best hope for our birds, for our soil and for the healthy diversity of our forests.”

The Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of New Zealand is New Zealand’s largest national conservation organisation. The Society’s mission is to preserve and protect the native plants and animals and natural features of New Zealand.

Forest and Bird is active on a wide range of conservation and environmental issues. These include the protection of native forests, tussock grasslands, wetlands, coastlines and marine ecosystems, energy and resource conservation, sustainable fisheries and sustainable land management. Forest and Bird is also involved in South Pacific rainforest conservation work and is working to ensure the protection of Antarctica from environmental damage.

Project crimson – to protect NZs “Christmas trees , Pohutukawa and Rata.

The Yellow-Eyed Penguin Trust. Save the Yellow-eyed penguin by assisting the preservation of habitat. The Hoiho is the rarest penguin in the world. You can help.

Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society: The little Hector Dolphin is in serious risk of extinction. Death by netting continues……

Kakapo Recovery: There are only 86 Kakapo left on the planet. Help save this endangered bird.

Kiwi Recovery: Help save the endangered kiwi. Typical of the flightless birds of New Zealand, the kiwi has suffered much from the predation of introduced land mammals.

Hihi Recovery: The Hihi or Stitchbird is one of New Zealand most endangered birds. Help the Department of Conservation with its recovery programme for this lovely bird


Moehau Environment Group: is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the natural environment of the Northern Coromandel Peninsula. This includes the habitat of the endangered Archeys frog. Sign up, buy a T-shirt or help however you can.