We at Braemar on Parliament Street believe in running an eco-friendly business and reducing the impact of our business on the environment where we can.

Our committment started with the “recycling” of our 1901 built home, and the renovation/restoration which was completed over a 7 year period using recycled materials where possible. For example, our dining-room uses antique damask tablecloths, and silver.

We are also encouraged in our efforts by our accreditation of ENVIRO SILVER by Qualmark NZ in their environmental green campaign.

We encourage our guests to join us in recycling waste, disposing thoughtfully of glass, plastics, used batteries etc.

Energy Audit Completed

Support NZ Wildlife

Measure Your Impact



We believe in protecting the beautiful environment of Auckland, New Zealand and want to ensure that your children or grandchildren can visit and enjoy it too. To this end, we’ve developed an environmental plan and welcome your support for this initiative.
Most of our guests want to help, so we invite you to join with us by enjoying our hospitality and understanding our environmental policy.



We at Braemar on Parliament Street are reducing our demand on energy by:

* Switching off appliances when you are out.
* We offer a towel and linen change agreement, which ensures you’re helping the environment by reducing energy and water use.
* We buy local produce where possible to reduce transport emissions.
* We regularly upgrade appliances to more energy-efficient models.
* Energy efficient light bulbs are installed in our premises.
* Energy-efficient timers are installed on interior and exterior lighting and motion sensor equipment.
* Our chosen energy supplier buys from renewable generation resources like wind, hydro and geothermal.
* We offer guests bicycles for local touring, walking guides to local attractions, and information on carbon-neutral transport.



We at Braemar on Parliament Street are reducing our waste by:

* Giving you the opportunity to recycle your rubbish.
* Reducing the amount of waste going to landfill by separating it for recycling.
* Reducing packaging to a minimum by not using single-packaged portions, using dispensers for high-quality toiletries, buying quality products in bulk, replacing disposable items with reusable ones.
* Offering you facilities to get news online sooner than daily newspapers, unless by request.
* Not printing unnecessary emails and printing on recycled paper. Even our invoice to you will be on recycled paper.
* Buying only from producers who offer environmentally-friendly packaging options in returnable containers where possible.
* We try to reduce waste by not purchasing products with excessive packaging.



We at Braemar on Parliament Street are conserving water by:

* Recycling our laundry water for reuse on our garden
* Using only water-efficient washing machines/dishwashers.
* Installing dual-flush toilets where we can.
* Regulating garden watering by use of sensible planting practice.



We at Braemar on Parliament Street are reducing pollution of waterways ,noise, air, light by :

* Using only biodegradable or non-toxic cleaning products.
* Washing our vehicles on grass so cleaning products don’t enter drains.
* Noise-insulating our premises with heavy curtains and of course the brick walls….
* Regularly tuning our vehicles to help reduce carbon emissions.
* Using only natural/low or non-allergenic toiletry products.
* Sourcing our materials from local or Fair Trade producers.
* Sending batteries and fluorescent bulbs for recycling/safe disposal.
* Measuring our carbon emissions and offsetting where we can’t reduce.
* Training in emission-reducing techniques , such as buying locally, encouraging our guests to “walk the city”.


Wise purchasing and conservation

We at Braemar on Parliament Street are supporting wildlife conservation, regeneration of native and renewable forests by:

* Ensuring all printed material and products are sustainably sourced where possible.
* Ensuring any new furniture purchased is made from recycled or renewable sources.
* Supporting regeneration of native New Zealand forests and wildlife conservation by belonging to –
* Greenpeace
* The Native Forests Restoration Trust
* NZ Forestry Association
* World Wide Fund for Nature
* Yellow-Eyed Penguin Trust
* Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society


And the following initiatives:

* Dedicating a page on our website to conservation and encouraging guests and visitors to learn about and participate in conservation.
* Adopting 3 Hector’s dolphins
* Membership of the Official Bay Heritage Protection Society